Adfærdsanalytiske læringsprogrammer til computere

Beskrivelser af materialerne er producenternes egne reklametekster, men der er henvisninger til anmeldelser i de tilfælde, hvor sådanne findes. Se også artikeln Brug af it i ABA-intervention og -forskning

Discrete Trial Trainer, Accelerations Educational Software, 2001 (cd-rom).
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Anmeldelse: Ashton, T. M. (2001). Assistive Technology: The Application of ABA to Technology: The Discrete Trial Trainer. Journal of Special Education Technology, 16(1), 41-42.
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This CD-Rom is a robust discrete trial program that can be tailored to fit an individual child's abilities. The educational content is for children developmentally between the ages of two and eight. There is a broad curriculum on early targets such as letters, numbers, shapes and colors which then moves on to prepositions, adjectives, pronouns, verbs and conceptual thinking. The curriculum includes praising and a wide range of reinforcers. In addition to the extensive curriculum, the DT Trainer also provides complete data tracking which includes weekly reports and notes.   DT Trainer offers a training program for both the teacher and student. As the student learns a target, that target is put on random and maintenance trials until complete mastery is accomplished. The program accommodates children from severe, low-functioning to typically developing young learners.  DT Trainer is a wonderful breakthrough both for parents seeking an ABA software program to use at home or for professionals in need of a comprehensive program to track and manage the progress of multiple students.   

TeachTown. (2006). TeachTown Basic. Seattle, WA: TeachTown.
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Anmeldelse og forskningsmæssig afprøvning: Whalen, C., Liden, L., Ingersoll, B., Dallaire, E., & Liden, S. (2006). Behavioral Improvements Associated with Computer-Assisted Instruction for Children with Developmental Disabilities. Journal of Speech and Language Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis, 1(1), 11-26.
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A comprehensive treatment program that connects everyone on your team. For children developmentally ages 2 to 7. TeachTown: Basics features a comprehensive, scientifically backed curriculum that teaches the child using on-computer lesssons and off-computer, naturalistic activities. Progress is graphed automatically and your entire team can share data and session notes over the TeachTown secure server.

MouseTrial Autism Software
Pris: Gratis on-line edutainment spil for børn med autisme.

Have fun with your child and see improvements in: vocabulary, concentration, cooperation and literacy.
MouseTrial's autism software is a collection of fun exercises and games designed for children with autistic spectrum disorders. It's based on the method of discrete trial therapy which is a major component of ABA and other autism treament programs.

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